Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Mission Moving into the Future

Our mission, moving forward, is to act as conduits for the Kundalini energy of the Earth's core for the purpose of activating dormant power places, which, in turn, will open and activate the energy in all living and non-living beings.

This will facilitate a re-balancing in the energy of the Earth's core and all beings upon the Earth and at the same time activate the Earth's inter-connection within our Solar System, our Galaxy and beyond our Galaxy.

 Ancient people built temples in the form of stone circles and temples over these emergent doorways to further channel this core energy. Due to shifts in our global civilizations, these places were abandoned and left dormant for thousands of years. The original settlers encoded prophecies in their temples, knowing at the right time that they would be known by those who could access this intelligence on this level of vibration.

We believe that you are one of those people and invite you to join us in our work!

Our work, such as the Akasha Soul Celebration events, our Sacred Space films, will facilitate the opening these centers in the Earth (like an acupuncture needle opens an energy center) so that the Earth will strengthen its magnetic alignment with the celestial bodies to help keep the Earth in balance and avoid a major polar shift.

Our work is to guide people to this intelligence and to facilitate their reaching the highest vibration they can in this lifetime, as well as to activate the many dormant power places around the Earth.