Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Alchemy of Kundalini Energy

As you may know, the Earth contains an amazing energetic force, known as Kundalini.  This force, which the Hawaiians callmana, originates in the core of the Earth and radiates outward to give life to and to support all living beings which dwell on, under and over its surface.It also exists in inanimate forms to different degrees.
Kundalini interacts with the physical world in such a way as to activate an alchemical change in the cellular structure of the physical body to energize the creation and maintenance of life itself.  In inanimate physical forms it creates an energetic field, which can be infused consciously or unconsciously with human thoughts, prayers and chants.  Kundalani alchemy takes place naturally by consciously attuning to the energy.  
This process is like turning on electricity, which lies dormant but still potentially active in a wiring system.
Many different activities can facilitate this Kundalini awakening.  These include activities such as meditation, chanting (I've recorded a chants album to help you), artistic creativity, yoga, a walk in the woods, gardening, sports, singing, praying, making love, smelling a flower and so many more.  When we focus completely on our present experience, we lose consciousness of ourselves and naturally move to a higher level of consciousness. 
This expansion of consciousness stimulates the flow of the Kundalini force, which has a positive effect on our cellular DNA.  I have also produced a board game "Avalon: Temple of Connection' which will help you to more easily facilitate the activation and stimulation of this life-enhancing energetic force. 
The experience of the healing and transformative power of sacred space helps us to open easily to the Earth’s Kundalini radiance (further explored in our Sacred Space documentary films).  
Much Aloha to you!  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Happy Lunar Eclipse!   This is a VERY intense time! This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon follows the Solar Eclipse on November 13, 2012... and you may remember what that was like!

Nerves are on edge. Emotions from the depths of our souls are emerging to be released. Anger, control issues, uproar. Boundaries are opening, closing, resetting. Commitments are being revisited. It's all busting forth for reconciliation and future decision-making.
This is the last eclipse before the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. It can bring up confusion, conflict and disharmony. There could be a sense that something is not right but no way comes clear as to how to fix it.

Under these conditions it is best to not make major decisions but let your thoughts and emotions unfold gradually. 

This is part of the Big Shift, so look to what your heart is saying and what you would like to create as your positive future. The Old Chapter is closing and the New Chapter is opening, even though we may not know what it looks like. Let it all unfold...and be kind and compassionate to yourself and those around you.
Ride the wave. Identify with the force of the full moon. Move with it and let it move you.

Much love, Carolyn

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Channeled Message About the Fiscal Cliff

What will happen to us as a nation if we go over the fiscal cliff?

The fiscal cliff as you call it is merely a term for a much needed change in direction, operation and administration of the world economy. It has been based on greed, competition and co-option of resources of others in the name of “business”.  We wish to help in creating the massive shift that is required and destined for the US and all the world as you know it.

What can we do to prepare for this?

You can sit quietly and meditate on the changes that could happen in appositive way.  There would be far more co-operation and co-creation. Top- heavy buildings, organization, administrations and corporations may fail and a new system would be required to coordinate and lead the shift in orientation. In the coming 2-3 years, there must be a toppling, and then the scrambling, and then the creation of the new state.

Will the people suffer much?

Yes, many will suffer. Many will die. It is their destiny and the design of their souls’ intention. You will be among those who rise to the surface to show the way to a new world.  You will receive intense education on administration of world affairs and world events within the next one and one-half years.  It would be wise to let yourself have one-two hours a day for this purpose. It is not in reading or outside influences but from your own inner wisdom that will come to the fore to show you the way. You have chosen, your soul has chosen, this path for you and you have been preparing for centuries to take this leadership role.

What are the new ways of living?

The wealthy will be required to share their wealth in terms of investment at a low interest rate in communal housing and communal farming. The atmosphere will be such that many wealthy will open their hearts to love and sharing in profoundly new ways. New ways of creating security and comfort will be needed. The wealthy will understand the law of karma and be glad to use their talents and resources to contribute to the world. They will be able to maintain a fine lifestyle but not a superior one.

For example, what are new ways of recreating the living situations of those in the super storm? The wealthy give to a highly monitored organization – part government, part private, that funnels the money into creating new forms of housing in a new place for those living on the sea coast. Moving people away from live volcanic and coastal areas will be necessary.

Moving people out of high-rise buildings in cities will ease pressure on the Earth.  Opening borders to create new communities on open land areas will help this movement of people. Owners of large unused parcels of land will be required to donate a portion their land and provide services for the new communities. Their hearts will be much more open to do this in a year or two. Choosing lands for communities will be based on places of the least risk of natural disasters. Immediate public education about the power within the land and the ocean will be needed to minimize resistance to these changes.

Communities for the elderly will be an aspect of the new communities, as well as temples of love where anyone can attend to their spiritual need in peace, harmony and identity protection. These temples will have your inner design imprinted in their construction and they will also be center for leadership discussion, having a secular building designated only for this. There will be temples for dying, temples for birthing, temples for eating and temples for healing and temples for only meditation and spiritual contemplation.

You may wish to study the Balinese form of leadership and community construction and administration.

What is the role of the elements in this community creation?

The elements will play a vital part because when the elements are in balance, the space and the consciousness is in balance within and without. Yes, you will learn how the elements influence your bodies and minds and how your bodies and minds can influence them. It is through the oneness that all existence takes place. So by becoming one with the elements, reaching their vibrationand adding thought to this interaction, you can influence them and continue a positive balancing influence in the self, home, community and the world.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Urgent Message about The Superstorm

The world as we know it has changed forever. 

I have been channeling about the Earth changes with Mother Mary for about 20 years, and the time has now arrived.

The messages from Mary and other spiritual guides have not been about devastation but about change, especially changes in our DNA cellular structure as we adapt to inner and outer environmental  shifts. 

This special message contains a summary of some of the current channeled messages about the state of our world, including an unexpected commentary on the role of pornography in the world today.


The superstorm is an expression of the shift taking place deep within the core of the Earth. This molten mineral pool is responding to changes occurring in the cosmos such as: 1) the increase in the magnitude and intensity of our sun's solar flares;2) the Earth moving into the center of the galaxy; 3) the Earth aligning with the Andromeda galaxy; 4) an accelerated input from other planetary and galactic sources; 5) the expansion of positive ET presence and influence; 6) global warming due to human consumption.

The huge planetary shift we are undergoing has long been predicted by many prophets and indigenous cultures. 

In our prophetic messages with Mother Mary, Zarathustra, and the spirits of sacred places, the emphasis has been on preparing for and adapting to the gigantic Earth changes that are upon us now. 

 As I said, this is only the beginning, because in order to enable our collective global life to continue, there must be huge changes in the way we think and act in our personal, communal, national and international lives.  A positive result of the immense input of energetic power coming to the Earth is an acceleration of our intuitive capacity to sense and relate to our inner and outer world.


The acceleration of our intuitive thought process gives us an expanding ability to influence and be influenced by thoughts. If we think of a thought as a living entity that has an effect on us and others, its importance to us increases greatly. A metaphor for this influence could be a fire. A fire can create destruction or construction. It can burn, as we see in the fires from the superstorm, or it can create electricity (a form of fire) to warm all the people living in the cold as a result of the storm. Water is another metaphor which can create destruction, as we have just witnessed, or construction in bringing us pure drinking water. Both these elements, fire and water, are affected by the cosmic forces I described earlier.

Our thoughts have a phenomenal effect on us and those around us, but most, if not all of us, are not conscious of the full influence our thoughts have.  A small example of this happened to me recently.  Early one morning, half asleep, I silently wished that my husband would stop snoring. He stopped the instant after I sent this thought!

We live in a vast interconnected network of thought.  Positive thought can have a tremendous (the full effect is perhaps inconceivable at this time) influence on our bodies, minds, souls and those in the rest of our world.

If we take a moment and consider all the negative, hostile, angry, life-denying thoughts that fuel world events, we can see how these thoughts could have a global negative influence. We could also consider the effect of massive positive thought, which could create healing and well-being on all levels of our personal and collective lives.

This is what we must do in order to bring forth the new age on Earth. It is up to each one of us to make the shift in our own personal thinking, changing thought patterns begun in our primal human existence millions of years ago. We have help, especially from the ET's, who came to our planet long before this time to accelerate our human evolution. They are here again to assist us in changing our thoughts so that we can survive this shift and create a new world of harmony, balance, co-operation and co-creation.

We have been talking about this need for change for many years. Now, with this storm, we have been given a wake-up call-a huge one-and it is up to each of us to choose how to react to it.

This is not to say that we can immediately stop the imminent Earth changes that are before us because some of this is due to galactic changes that I mentioned above. But I do believe we can modify them and certainly ease their effect on us if we move into positive, loving, creative thought patterns.


As many of you know, we live in a subtle energetic body that exists within and around our physical bodies. This energetic body has central meeting places of our energy pathways, called chakras. Thoughts affect our energy bodies, even more than they affect our physical bodies.
Each chakra has a concentration of energy affecting certain organ systems and thought patterns. You can read more about this in my book, Soul Evolution.

Energy  (known as Kundalini) travels up our spines through the chakras, enabling us to grow energetically through life. This energetic source of life originates in the core of the Earth.

Two especially important organ systems and chakras are our second chakra, in our lower pelvis, and our third chakra, which influences our digestion system. Both these chakras have a powerful influence on our skeletal systems, especially our backs.

In its pure state the second chakra creates beautiful, loving, creative, sexual, sensual energy. A metaphor for this energy could be a beautifully-designed, fertile, sweet-smelling flower garden. In its closed state it can create sexual abuse, addiction to pornography, sexual dysfunction, and lack of pure sexual pleasure.

The third chakra at our solar plexus in its pure state creates love of the material world, activation of positive personal power and self-expression,and manifestation of worldly achievement. It also creates clear and highly-evolved thoughts about the mechanics of our physical, technological world. In its closed state it activates physical aggression, addiction to control, manifestation of war and hostile competition, and, in turn, violation of our second chakra energy. An example of this would be the massive abuse of women and their sexuality by male-dominated cultures in this world.

The causes of the closed state of these chakras (they are not completely closed, or we would not be alive) are primarily abuse, violence and/or neglect in our very early lives.  They close with the intention of protecting our bodies, minds, hearts and souls from being hurt, violated and/or even killed. A common response to partial closure of these chakras is addiction, which creates an escape from the pain and loneliness that this closure causes. 

Addiction to pornography is a symptom of the (partial) closure of the third chakra, which influences the second chakra.  If the third chakra is closed, it blocks energy from coming up the spine, concentrating it in the second chakra. Therefore, we are blocked from achieving positive personal power, acute mental abilities, worldly achievement, and a sense of personal control. Our thoughts remain focused on sexuality, which can lead to harmful (to us or someone else) sexual activity. We spend an unbalanced amount of time on self-defeating activities such as seduction, pornography and sexual abuse, which can lead further to sexual addiction.

The increase in addiction to pornography indicates a massive partial closure in our collective second and third chakras. We need to open them gently and respectfully so that our energy can open our collective heart chakra and the chakras above the heart.

You may remember that pornographic magazines were found in Bin Laden's quarters after he was killed. How different it might have been if his second and third chakras were pure and open. The energy would flow up to his heart, opening him up to love and respect humanity, and rise even further up to activate his spiritual connection to All  That Is, the Oneness in which all else dwells, Love in its essential form.


Now that the superstorm has awakened us, we have the opportunity to consider new ways to respond to our current planetary situation. We know that our thoughts influence our bodies and our lives, so we can create positive thoughts when we are aware that we are thinking negatively.  

We can remember to accept that everything that happens is in Divine Order and for the highest good of all souls involved. A hard lesson for me in this acceptance was learning how to react to the sudden death of my former husband.  By accepting (eventually) that his death happened in Divine Order and for the good of all souls involved, even mine, I was able to move through the pain and heal the trauma relatively easily. You can read about this in my eBook "Esteban's Ascension."

We can learn to listen to and ask for help from our spiritual guides and our angels, who have been with us since our conception. We can ask for help from the spirits of our deceased friends, family and teachers, who surround and protect each one of us. We can open our hearts to each other and commit to healing and opening all our chakras in the safety of true love and understanding.


This storm has made us aware of our physical and material vulnerability. It has stimulated everyone to think outside the box as we struggle to comprehend the idea that our world will never be the same again.  We realize that we, too, could suddenly lose everything in our material world and be faced with the raw reality that we must build a new life.
Some suggestions have come to me that I have enacted or am enacting in my own life (not in order of importance):

  1. Lighten the load of material goods.
  2. Move to where your heart sings.
  3. Let go of people in your life who no longer serve you.
  4. Meditate and chant each morning.
  5. Listen to your heart and allow it to open to pure love.
  6. Commit to a creative project or projects.
  7. Practice letting go of fear and control.
  8. Let go of outdated habits, attachments and addictions.
  9.  Practice pure tantric love.
  10. Become conscious of your thoughts and the effects they have on others.

A result of doing this will most likely be to become more spontaneous in your relationships and in your life decisions.  As you assess your level of happiness in your life today, you may have surprising thoughts about the changes you wish to make.  Ask your heart where it wishes to be and with whom it wishes to be or not to be. Imagine a different life and life style if your current one is hurting your heart.  This does not necessarily suggest changing your whole life and life style, but it might.


One way of looking at this storm is to imagine that it is the first step to our rebirth. The birthing process began with the storm. The contractions have started. They will increase.  We will move through the tight cervical opening and be pushed into the birth canal.  Intense pressure will help us pass through the birth canal and out into a new world. We have all done it before. Now we are being born again!

How our birth will go and what it will actually look like cannot be fully known because there are so many different influences involved.  Acting intuitively with measured spontaneity will facilitate our passage through the birth canal.
Here we go! 

With Blessings and with love,

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Channeled Message about Youthing.

             This is a message I received at Pura Kehen temple in Bali in August 2012. Pura Kehen, the state temple of the Bangli kingdom, is one of the finest temples in eastern Bali.  It is a miniature version of Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple of the whole island.
         Youthing is a way of energizing the cells to release toxins and regenerate energy to enable the cells to perform extraordinary functions. They are able to continue to maintain their own functions, while their "engines" accelerate.  This can happen more easily at a place of Earthly potency and at an axis of energetic patterns, which is an acupuncture point in the Earth.    

            Holy water contains energy that can accelerate youthing by stimulating the cells to produce more energy. Blessings and ceremonies can stimulate youthing by opening the energy field so that the cells can produce more and take in more energy. The game, "Avalon, Temple of Connection" will facilitate this process, as will chanting the mantra, "Ou Na He Na He Ho". (You can experience the chants by downloading my CD, Akasha Chants on iTunes or on Amazon mp3).

            Access to this additional energy flow will happen instantly in one moment to jumpstart the process. This can happen at a moment we step forward into full self-expression. We will know exactly the moment when we feel at one with all and lifted into a place of reverence and awe of the Divine.

               We can continue this opening and expansion of cellular activity by taking in holy volcanic water and bathing every morning with this water flowing over our heads, beginning at the top,  letting the water flow down from this point.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Lesson about Sharing Your Truth.

What is the value of the truth?

The cells in the body align with the truth. When the truth is distorted, the cells are distorted.

When you tell the truth and share your own truth, the cells are happy, and they sing and dance. When you deny the truth, the cells hang their heads in shame and slow in functioning and in light, causing illness.

Now it time to know the truth and to be seen knowing the truth.

First, be honest with yourself. Then extend this honesty to knowing the truth about others and your relationships with them. Move out to allowing yourself to know the truth about your community, your greater world, your planet. Sit quietly and ask, what is the truth? Listen to your heart speak the truth and your physical cells will vibrate with happiness and joy.

The next step is to ask yourself how you want to act in accordance to the truth. You can choose your actions. Take a deep breath and look slowly at the options that come to you, listening carefully to each step within the steps that are in truth.

The primary cause of illness is untruth. You do not act in truth because you are fearful that the reaction will be negative, dangerous, even deadly.   The deepest suffering and dysfunction comes when truth is not in the personal relationships, both with self and others.  Therefore, as you step slowly into truth, your body will heal as the cells vibrate joyfully and brightly.  If you take very small steps in truth, you will heal this fear and walk tall and gracefully in truth wherever you go.

Look back into your life and find the moment you decided not to live in truth in each aspect of your life. Remember every detail of this moment and then release this memory to the wind. Breath light into your cells as they breathe out the constriction that this decision has created.

Secrets will die and be reborn as truth. You will live in freedom and honor for that which you hold as the greatest gift, the gift of love and the gift of life!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Flame of Mother Love.

Here is a message that I recently channeled from a temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess, Durga, in Bali.

(You can learn more about Bali by joining us for the Akasha Soul Celebration event in Bali on Dec 20-23, 2012).


In the process of mothering, the flame of life grows strongly. It can expand way out into the cosmos and deep down into the recesses of our hearts. As the flame of life goes out, it activates all of our cells. This energetic force is a way to manifest creativity. For we are essentially creation and the Mother energy creates a bed of creativity.

When Mother is dishonored and out of balance, this disturbs our ability to create fertility. When Mother is peaceful, quiet, in balance, she gives forth trust and security, which enables us to give space in our lives for creative energy to develop in a multitude of forms. Human fertility can be facilitated by the mother-to-be being in a state and a place of quiet, peace and creativity.

We are now moving into a creative wave upon the Earth. This movement will bring us more and more into love and trust, as we pass through the world initiation that is going on now. Mother energy supports this passage into creativity and love.

Sometimes Mother energy must defend and fight against demons and those who wish to destroy. She needs to take care of what she created. She is doing this now upon the Earth.

This process is very important for the world initiation that is taking place at this time. Our world needs to be cleansed in many ways, because we sometimes have forgotten the value of Mother energy.  Mother is now transforming the darkness, the place of the absence of light, into a place that shines with love and light.

Love and Blessings,


Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Exploration of 10 Spiritual Laws .......


This is an excerpt from Carolyn Cobelo's new book, Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe.   You do not have to plan a trip to Europe to benefit.  In this book, as you absorb the high vibrational photographs and channeled spiritual messages, you'll learn about your deepest connection to both the Earth and the cosmos.  


from the Ogham Stones in Dingle, Ireland 
Channeled by Carolyn Cobelo 

1. The Law of One:
There is only One, and when you think there is other than only One, there is darkness. When the perception is that all is One, there is no fear, no alienation, no ostracism, no pain. All is One. When there is the perception that there is me and there is you, or there is this and there is that, then the fear of separation raises its pernicious head, tearing apart the knowledge of the Oneness. By being in the physical world, there is always some degree of separation, but it need not be in fear. The darkness can be the fertile soil of creativity from which love grows and blooms in the light of the knowledge of the Oneness.

2. The Law of Cosmic Union:
In the beginning there is One. Within this One there are two, such as the union of man and woman. You can open your eyes and see One or you can open your eyes and see two. It is the same. It is a matter of perception.

3. The Law of Creation:
In the One that is two there is a change that comes forth from creation. For when the two come together and create One, the One is different from the two and in some way different from all else. It is the process of creation and evolution, and the force behind this process is love.

4. The Law of Divine Right:
Each being, animate and inanimate, has the divine right to be in divine union. Those who oppose this right will bring destruction upon themselves. The possession, the distortion, the contamination of this force of divine union, which cannot be subjugated, will bring retribution. When there is magnification, celebration, freedom, and honoring of the divine right of all beings to be with God, there is magnification of the soul, magnification of love, and the capacity to be in cosmic union.

5. The Law of Love:
Love is within and there is a strong desire within each heart, even in the animals, the flowers, the bees, and the birds, for love. The energies of love are the vibrations of God. When you seek love, you are opening more and more to the presence of God. In your faith, each step along the way brings a deepening of the reality of love within. This love takes you directly, without will, into the arms of God. So in this state of love there is no separation between you and God. Love is always present.
Many wars are fought for love. In war many pray for love to be with them. Many also pray for love not to be with others. This creates a force field of retaliation, for when you wish love not to be with someone or something, there is an immediate and direct action of retaliation to you as a result of this wish.
When we intend to unite in love, the message of union comes back to us, creating a cycle of union that is beautiful to behold. Purple, white, and blue light shimmers around the two in love. As more and more love flows between them it becomes brighter and nourishes their cells.

6. The Law of Giving:
To give is to receive. The giving is in the receiving and the receiving is in the giving. There is no beginning and no end. It is a cycle, giving and receiving in continual motion.

7. The Law of Truth:
This is the law of the universal God. Truth is truth, and yet there is relative truth and the absolute truth that all is One. This is the law of union, the law of One. The truth will set you free. Truth is the road you travel to reach the goal of freedom-freedom to belong, freedom to be in love with God, freedom to be in love with all the beauty, joy, sexuality, and presence of God that you desire. Truth frees love. When there is more truth there is more love. When truth is withheld, hidden from view, so too is the love. When there is mass denial of the truth, the distortion, the twisting, the manipulation of the truth, so also will there be the denial, twisting, and manipulation of love.

8. The Law of Joy:
Joy is union with the divine. Joy lies in the substance of the soul, waiting to be known, felt, and heard. Joy is the song of our hearts, the light of our eyes, and the pleasure of our bodies when we are in loving union with another. Joy is union with God.
There are veils which disguise joy to protect us, for in the pure state of joy, in union with all that is, there is the loss of the sense of individual self. If we identify only with our bodies, we will lose our identity. The little self believes that joy is dangerous, that to lose one's self is to be lost in the sea of emptiness, aloneness and darkness. So the little self sails over the sea, holding tight to the sides of the boat, wondering, watching, and asking, Where is the light? Where is my destination? It does not realize that its destination is the sea on which it is sailing, the sea of joy, of ecstasy, of complete love, the very sea in which it fears it will drown.

9. The Law of Faith:
You are faithful to that which you love. When you do not love something, you are not faithful. Love in its true form is the presence of warmth and joy. Love is a complicated and often misused word for energies of possession, attachment, distortion and protection. Until it is purified, love is often mixed with these other conditions. As you purify your love, your faith increases-faith in God, in another, in yourself.
As you grow in love you have more and more moments of faith. As these moments increase, your love expands and purifies. Love is truth, and the truth sets you free. As you are freeing yourself, the love becomes purer and purer, like the beautiful mountain water. Then you are free to love more deeply, more profoundly, more beautifully. When you live in faith you walk with the mantle of God and love is always with you. To have true faith in God you must have true faith in you, for God is you, and you are God.

10. The Law of Reunion:
When our consciousness moves into duality, it activates desire, longing, and the sensation of being without something. We fall into separation from the whole. This is the fall from Paradise. The return to Paradise is the union of two souls in love and cosmic union. Within the seed of the union of two there is the elixir of love. This elixir is the dissolution of all experience of self into One. When you join with another in this way there is an extension beyond the self, an augmentation beyond the individual union with God to the triad, the trinity. Therefore, one becomes two that becomes three, and the three become one, and Paradise explodes on the Earth.  


For more channeled spiritual wisdom through Carolyn Cobelo, please read her book,Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe, on sale in paperback or eBook on Amazon.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Light Cleansing...Breathing into the Heart Chakra


In the days to come challenging events will take place upon the Earth. Now, also, it will be easier to see the Light within these challenges.

You can keep peace within your heart by sitting quietly each day for approximately 10 minutes.  Concentrate on white light in the center of your heart chakra. Breathe in the energy of the planet Venus, the planet of love forces.  This forms a cycle of energy.  In this way you will find great peace that is present within you during the disturbances that will occur, whether you are witnessing or experiencing them yourself.

As you visualize the white light in your heart, it can expand and be as big as you want it to be.  It can expand from the self to the cosmos and the life lights of both Venus and the Sun.  This light cycle, this light force, will activate the rebalancing of the many disturbances that are out of balance on Earth.

Remember this rebalancing is for the benefit of all beings. If some souls choose to leave the planet, this is their choice. Know that you can move through the pain and suffering and that this all occurring in great wisdom for all souls.

Later this year, another surge of cleansing will take place upon the Earth.  Once you have made contact with the planet Venus, this energy will be with you forever.

In love,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Message from Mother Mary: You are Not Alone.

June 2, 2012 

Welcome, Welcome to this circle of light. For you have come to be with me.

We are the same, Venus and my energy, for we are the focus that lives in love, that exists in no time and space. There is, at this point, only love. There is no mind, no thought, only the feeling of love. This is the true state of existence that lives within you as your essential self.

I come to remind you that you are surrounded by guides, angels, teachers and those who have passed on. I am here to remind you that you are not alone. I have come to remind you as you walk upon the Earth, you are not alone. I do not have a physical form, and if you listen to my voice, I can speak to you.

As to the planet Venus, we are one and the same.  Venus once held a civilization that existed in etheric form, not so much as buildings or genetic forms, but forms that existed without boundaries. They were drawn together in masses of energetic form.

Love moving through the energies attracts and repulses other energies. This love energy was the guiding force for those beings who did not reach the state of pure love. When the beings from Venus came to Earth, they brought the resonance of this love to the plants, the birds, the animals and entered into the human cells to activate the power of love.

My being encompasses all this as well as much more

For more messages from Mother Mary channeled through Carolyn Cobelo, please read her book, THE SPRING OF HOPE in paperback or eBook. 

A Channeling in Honor of The Venus Transit

 In my morning meditation, I asked how Mount Haleakala volcano on Maui in Hawaii is related to the planet Venus, which is transiting across the Sun June 2-6, 2012.

I saw a bright line of energy moving from the core of the Earth straight up through Mount Haleakala to the Andromeda Galaxy and back to the Venus in our Solar System.

These are the questions I asked and the channeled answers I received.

Why did the energy go out from Mt Haleakala to Andromeda Galaxy and back to Venus?

Mt Haleakala has a strong electro-magnetic attraction to the center of Andromeda, which creates a stream of energy between Earth and this galaxy. This mountain, this land mass, contains the strongest point of electro-magnetic energy on the Earth. If Mt Haleakala sent energy directly to Venus,the strength of its force would cause serious disturbances on the planet, so its impact is softened by steaming first to Andromeda and then to Venus.

What effect will this energy have on Venus? 

It will intensify its influence on Earth as it passes across the Sun. This will add to the effect that Venus has on all living beings, opening hearts and minds to love, peace and harmony, in the time of Venus retrograde. Traditionally, times of Venus retrogrades bring war, violence, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and human relationship problems. The energy of Mt Haleakala greatly magnifies the positive influence of Venus on Earth and in this way weakens the potentially destructive effects of the retrograde. The Mayans were aware of the potential of this destruction but they did not know about the role that Mt Haleakala would play in moderating its influence.

What intelligence is behind this event?

There are many behind this present shift in energy upon the Earth caused by Mt Haleakala's electro-magnetic connection to Andromeda. Essentially, this intelligence is the ever-evolving divine source of love and compassion. All of us who have been waiting for eons in preparation for this are present now. We are emerging, ready to be seen and to speak. This one, Carolyn, is one of our speakers and there shall be many more to come. Her role is to align with the core energies of Mt Haleakala and to continue to channel and express our voices so that many can hear them.

Within Andromeda there is a planetary system, which is made up of pure love. This planetary system is activating their full force to even more strongly attract the core energy stream of Mt Haleakala. They, in turn, will send that energy back to Venus during this time. It has already begun. The Super Full Moon on May 5 ignited the beginning of the final phase of this activation. The impact on Venus will be to magnify the sensation of love, the perception of beauty and the desire for human unity and world peace on Earth.

At the same time there may be some Earth changes and further outbreaks of war and violence but they will be much less serious that many have predicted. These will motivate more people to seek peace, harmony and unity. Over the next few years the entire planet will move toward a peaceful, enlightened state of being stimulated by both dark and light activities on, within and outside the Earth's energy field.

With love and blessings,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's Coming in The Next Four Years....Awakening!

Channeling at Mt Haleakala, Maui , Hawaii

Welcome all who come with open hearts and the light of love in their eyes. We are grateful and delighted that you are here to share this awakening that is taking place at this time.

During the next four years there will be a great awakening upon the Earth. This awakening has been programmed into the Earth's energy development from at least 5 million years ago, and the seeds for this awakening were planted 12 million years ago.  People will live the potential of their soul's purpose. Until now, many beings living on Earth have used only appropriately 1/32 of their natural abilities, intelligence and development. Now all the doors are opening and the veils are lifting. Paths are being shown to those who can see and the voices are being heard by those who can listen.

It is a time of revelation. Yes, revelations of the Earth and the spirits who have dwelled here for eons, us among them. We are so grateful you have come to honor us. We will speak about the awakening.

The awakening will be as if a light turned on in each being. In perhaps two years, there will be lights that people will see on top of this mountain. There will be lights in the human form, in the spirit form, in the mineral form, in the elements of the wind and the sun and the clouds and the rain. All will come to light, and as this happens, there will be an exponentially greater understanding of the nature of the reality of the Earth. Questions will come: What is this stone, this person, the wind, the nature of molecular structures, the essence beyond the physical?

Scientists will soon wake up and the questions that they have had in their minds for decades will be answered.  People who are searching for healing of their emotional wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes will also wake up one morning and those wounds will be gone. Those who are seeking knowledge about the cosmos, they, too, will wake up and find the knowledge is there.

Ask and you will receive. Open your hearts and you will be able to listen to the voices of spirit and the voices of truth.

It is now time to manifest that which you wish in life. It does not have to be grandiose or far, far beyond what you feel is comfortable for you. It is a process of gradual manifestation, such as "Yes, I wish this and there it is. Or I did not know I wanted this, but now I want it. And there it is. Maybe I want $10,000 and there it is. Maybe I want $100,000 because I need it and the $1,00,000 will be there. There will not be an excess of giant buildings or giant bank accounts or empires. It will be what you want and need. What you want and need, together as one, and no more.

This is very important for the understanding of the balance between Earth and Spirit. For so much has been out of balance on Earth, top heavy and empty at the bottom.

Now knowing what you want is an important part of this. Ask and you will receive. Ask your heart what you truly want, not what you think you want or what you have been programmed to want.

Perhaps you think that you want true love. Ask your heart if this is really what you want. True love is a very demanding and exciting path, but it is something that does not come without courage, trust, faith and the willingness to step forward and risk. The rewards are great, but so are the challenges. Listen to your hearts.

This awakening is taking place right now. It is about taking another step and we will all share in this step. We all have equal opportunity to manifest what we want, what we want to do and with whom we want to share what we receive!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let go, Release Fear, Trust in Divine Wisdom

This month we are going through yet another major shift, propelling us into the chasms of our own selves to purify and open channels to realizing our own divinity, in whatever form or language fits for us.

On the physical level of the Earth, intense weather patterns are increasing, fueled by the fire of the Sun and the outlying planetary forces. Within the core of the Earth there are shifts taking place to adjust to the changing energetic forces in our planet's cosmic environment.

On the personal level this fiery energy will burn away obstacles to realizing and expressing truth. We may wake up one morning and realize we have been denying a truth because it has been until now too painful to consider that it is true. We will have the strength now to explore and perhaps even to accept this new realization.

Telepathic communication in the waking and sleeping states may surprise and, hopefully, delight us. This whole new world awaits our exploration!

Dormant super vortexes in the Earth's energy field are awakening and new ones are forming as the plates under the surface move to balance the incoming energetic forces.

As a result of the increase of the fire element on Earth, we will all be called to seek the still point inside to enable us to flow smoothly with the shifts and changes in our lives. Remember that this is in Divine Order and good will come of it. Just let go, release fear, trust in Divine Wisdom. It sounds easy but it is not for most of us! Remember, too, we are all in this together.

In peace and love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Special Channeling from Mount Kilauea

Here is a special message that I channeled earlier this year on top of Mt Kilauea, Big Island, Hawaii!

"Within the next year and beyond our abilities as human beings to increase our perceptions, to open our hearts to perceptions of the truth that this will reveal will increase tremendously.

There is great support from below the Earth's surface, from the molten lava, to magnify the perceptions of truth, which is the reality of multiple levels of existence, of multiple dimensions that exist at the same time. This place, like all sacred spaces, has the power to magnify perceptions and to increase insight into other worlds, other dimensions.

It is the perception of these dimensions that will expand to such an extent that we will be able to telepathically communicate with each other. If your intention is pure, telepathic communication will expand greatly and will be like turning on a light bulb.

This place, Mt. Kilauea, is known for being the home of the goddess, called Pele in the Hawaiian world. The energy that will magnify within this year and beyond has the quality of Pele. Pele is a force of ignition. It magnifies, it purifies, and it expands. It transforms wood into steam and fire into air. It transforms the human heart, opening all the places that have been closed and bound by fear and pain.

So Pele, as she is known here, is about to make her voice and presence known all over the world. This is a very positive voice, which transforms negativity into positivity. This is not an easy path, but it is one we have all chosen. All of us who chose to live upon the Earth now, have chosen to be here to experience this amazing transformation, and we will all experience the joy that it creates

This year will also be a time of purification, so that all that you say, all the thoughts, imaginings, fantasies, all these will be transformed.

If we can look at each situation as a positive gift, offering us an opportunity to learn, to heal, to forgive, to let go, to cleanse, to honor the beauty that dwells in our hearts and to honor our pure, creative energy that dwells within us and within the entire cosmos."

Carolyn Cobelo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Message from the Guardian Spirits of Mount Haleakala

We are undergoing another huge surge of energy on the Planet now. The increased intensity of energies coming to the Earth, the powerful February 8th Full Moon, and further activation of power places around the world are sending many of us into a tailspin that needs an anchor!

Many lessons are coming hard and fast to help us pass easily through the waves of change. One of the lessons I have been learning is to trust that exactly what we need and when we need it will be there but now it comes often at the last minute!









 Let us go forward in trust in the continuity of evolution as our hearts expand to adapt to this intensity of love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Respecting and Honoring the Full Moon.....


This is a message I received last night during the Full Moon.

I was standing alone in the kitchen in our house in Hawaii with the Full Moon shining directly on me .I prayed to the Moon to help us resolve a potential social conflict that was brewing around us. I felt the moon respond and send energy toward me.

Blue light flowed through me, encompassing the land around us. It flowed around and through my image, related to the social conflict, of two fighting men, dressed in feathers and armor, from another lifetime. The blue expanded outward over all of Maui, beginning in the north and east side of Maui, and then out over all of the islands of Hawaii.

I heard a voice say: "I am with you and I have always been with you. I will be with you now and forever."

I asked, "Who are you?"

"I am the land and the sea and the tress and the flowers."

I felt an intense, physical sensation of love flow through me.

I asked,"You feel like a lover. Are you the spirit of my husband, Thor?"

"I am that which flows through your husband and beyond."

I asked, "Are you a spirit?"

"No, not in that form."

I asked, "Then who are you?"

"I am the land and the sea and the trees and the plants and the animals. I hear you from your deepest place."

I asked, "What is it that you hear?"

I felt myself dropping into an endless shaft of energy, fertile, dark light, with no walls or floor or ceiling, just space. Down, down, down, I fell, fast, full of heart, letting go to love. I realized I was in training for something unknown to me.

I asked, "Are you the spirit that is called God?"

"No, I am beyond that which you think of as a God.

I am what is."

Love, Carolyn

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Message from the top of Mount Haleakala

In preparation for our January Akasha Soul Celebration, here is a message from the top of Mount Haleakala on the first day of 2012.

This place welcomes all who come with open hearts and loving eyes. During this year and beyond, the fire in this volcano and all volcanoes around the world will further ignite and expand the interconnections between all living and non-living beings, including humans, plants, minerals, celestial beings, and animals. 

The magnificent presence of iron in the volcano carries the vibration of love. As an element it offers continuity, stability, truth. It never disappears, continuing to maintain its purity in transformation. It will be an essential factor in the temples we will build.

Iron is a magnificent energizer of the heart chakra. It allows for the expansion of the whole chakra system through the heart chakra. The reason for the increase of hearts rates among many sensitive souls is that this magnetic energy is increasing.

This year, will bring energies of magnificent change, from changes on the Earth's surface to home styles to utilization of our connection to the Sun to exploration of the depths of the ocean to long, long, long journeys into space to increased recognition of fellow brothers and sisters who surround and live within who live within and around the Earth. The Earth's energy will magnify the force of these changes, as its fire intensifies in relation to other cosmic bodies and its own evolution.

Let us go forward in trust in the continuity of evolution as our hearts expand to adapt to this intensity of love.

Happy New Year!