Saturday, June 2, 2012

Message from Mother Mary: You are Not Alone.

June 2, 2012 

Welcome, Welcome to this circle of light. For you have come to be with me.

We are the same, Venus and my energy, for we are the focus that lives in love, that exists in no time and space. There is, at this point, only love. There is no mind, no thought, only the feeling of love. This is the true state of existence that lives within you as your essential self.

I come to remind you that you are surrounded by guides, angels, teachers and those who have passed on. I am here to remind you that you are not alone. I have come to remind you as you walk upon the Earth, you are not alone. I do not have a physical form, and if you listen to my voice, I can speak to you.

As to the planet Venus, we are one and the same.  Venus once held a civilization that existed in etheric form, not so much as buildings or genetic forms, but forms that existed without boundaries. They were drawn together in masses of energetic form.

Love moving through the energies attracts and repulses other energies. This love energy was the guiding force for those beings who did not reach the state of pure love. When the beings from Venus came to Earth, they brought the resonance of this love to the plants, the birds, the animals and entered into the human cells to activate the power of love.

My being encompasses all this as well as much more

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A Channeling in Honor of The Venus Transit

 In my morning meditation, I asked how Mount Haleakala volcano on Maui in Hawaii is related to the planet Venus, which is transiting across the Sun June 2-6, 2012.

I saw a bright line of energy moving from the core of the Earth straight up through Mount Haleakala to the Andromeda Galaxy and back to the Venus in our Solar System.

These are the questions I asked and the channeled answers I received.

Why did the energy go out from Mt Haleakala to Andromeda Galaxy and back to Venus?

Mt Haleakala has a strong electro-magnetic attraction to the center of Andromeda, which creates a stream of energy between Earth and this galaxy. This mountain, this land mass, contains the strongest point of electro-magnetic energy on the Earth. If Mt Haleakala sent energy directly to Venus,the strength of its force would cause serious disturbances on the planet, so its impact is softened by steaming first to Andromeda and then to Venus.

What effect will this energy have on Venus? 

It will intensify its influence on Earth as it passes across the Sun. This will add to the effect that Venus has on all living beings, opening hearts and minds to love, peace and harmony, in the time of Venus retrograde. Traditionally, times of Venus retrogrades bring war, violence, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and human relationship problems. The energy of Mt Haleakala greatly magnifies the positive influence of Venus on Earth and in this way weakens the potentially destructive effects of the retrograde. The Mayans were aware of the potential of this destruction but they did not know about the role that Mt Haleakala would play in moderating its influence.

What intelligence is behind this event?

There are many behind this present shift in energy upon the Earth caused by Mt Haleakala's electro-magnetic connection to Andromeda. Essentially, this intelligence is the ever-evolving divine source of love and compassion. All of us who have been waiting for eons in preparation for this are present now. We are emerging, ready to be seen and to speak. This one, Carolyn, is one of our speakers and there shall be many more to come. Her role is to align with the core energies of Mt Haleakala and to continue to channel and express our voices so that many can hear them.

Within Andromeda there is a planetary system, which is made up of pure love. This planetary system is activating their full force to even more strongly attract the core energy stream of Mt Haleakala. They, in turn, will send that energy back to Venus during this time. It has already begun. The Super Full Moon on May 5 ignited the beginning of the final phase of this activation. The impact on Venus will be to magnify the sensation of love, the perception of beauty and the desire for human unity and world peace on Earth.

At the same time there may be some Earth changes and further outbreaks of war and violence but they will be much less serious that many have predicted. These will motivate more people to seek peace, harmony and unity. Over the next few years the entire planet will move toward a peaceful, enlightened state of being stimulated by both dark and light activities on, within and outside the Earth's energy field.

With love and blessings,