Saturday, July 12, 2014

FULL MOON July 12, 2014 Bali, Indonesia

On this day of the July Full Moon the world awaits the birth of a new child of God, who will be with the Earth for a long, long time. It is a child of the great force of truth and of the planetary presence of the star Arcturus, a place so deeply connected to Earth, like a twin sister who wears different clothes.

There will come a time not far away when this child, the alignment between Earth and Arcturus, will be so strong and so content, like the meeting of two loving sisters, who come together to  create a beautiful flowering plant, maneuvering the Earth to be between them.

This full moon is the beginning of this monumental alignment that will take place over the next two years. It will herald in the beauty of loving kindness and compassion, while at the same time unleash forces that will shake the core of the Earth.

This shift, caused by this alignment, will affect all beings on Earth and will  glow in the dawning light of the Sun, bringing forth another alignment of the Sun, Moon and Arcturus.

Greed will exaggerate the resistance to this alignment and will burn itself out in many corners of the Earth. Many souls will depart to the next world, due to the pressure that this alignment will put upon their integrity and honesty. This resistance to the truth of their actions, past, present and future, will burn out their life currents.

Some will rise as bright stars to lead the way through the alignment with courage, strength, integrity and love. Some little ones will also shine as bright lights in the dark, unafraid to speak what they feel and see.

It wil be a glorious time and a grateful time, for those who carry the light will know the deepest sense of gratitude, which is love itself.

Be at peace, my Beloveds, and be in love.


Carolyn Ewing Cobelo

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Messages from Mary- Sword of Truth - July 2014


I have been channeling Mary, Mother of Jesus, since the late Eighties. Her presence is becoming stronger now upon the Earth to assist us in transitioning through the challenges ahead. I look forward to sharing her wisdom with you. With love & blessings, Carolyn Ewing Cobelo

Go forward now, my Beloveds, into the lightstream of life with your heads held high and your swords of light raised high. Be one with all and you shall know the delights of the Earth in new forms and new colors and new building designs. For you are now within a vast wave of change that will lift you into the future and set you down gently upon the shores of the Divine. The desire to know beauty and to know truth is intensifying in all of your hearts, calling for integrity and honesty with yourselves and others.

Allow your hearts to be open to these changes and look carefully at the beauty and glory that is in your present life. Consider how you would like to expand and develop this beauty and this glory in your lives. Look carefully at the small things in your lives that you love, such as a beautiful glass, or a view, or a meal. Imagine how this beauty could evolve to surround you and hold you close, as the embrace of an angel's wings. This embrace can dissolve your tears and lighten your hearts. Sit quietly and let my love be with you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creating the Future

My Dear Beloveds,
We welcome you to our midst. We are delighted to speak to you concerning the future, as you call it. The future that you refer to is the now that encompasses all. So, although we speak of the future we are in truth speaking of the now in which we all exist. For this reason, we can change what you call the future ib the present moment.

You may ask, how can we change the future? It is by being in the present and imagining with no fear or expectation the future that you desire. You then exist in the now with no thought that interferes with the current flow of creation on the 3D level of existence. As you purify and cleanse your aura of all past experience, you open the way to be more and more in the present.

In entering the flow of the now, you merge with your guides and angels and together you can create a golden pathway of light that brings you all the glory of your true potential.In this way you can create the future that you wish with your own heart and mind.