Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's Coming in The Next Four Years....Awakening!

Channeling at Mt Haleakala, Maui , Hawaii

Welcome all who come with open hearts and the light of love in their eyes. We are grateful and delighted that you are here to share this awakening that is taking place at this time.

During the next four years there will be a great awakening upon the Earth. This awakening has been programmed into the Earth's energy development from at least 5 million years ago, and the seeds for this awakening were planted 12 million years ago.  People will live the potential of their soul's purpose. Until now, many beings living on Earth have used only appropriately 1/32 of their natural abilities, intelligence and development. Now all the doors are opening and the veils are lifting. Paths are being shown to those who can see and the voices are being heard by those who can listen.

It is a time of revelation. Yes, revelations of the Earth and the spirits who have dwelled here for eons, us among them. We are so grateful you have come to honor us. We will speak about the awakening.

The awakening will be as if a light turned on in each being. In perhaps two years, there will be lights that people will see on top of this mountain. There will be lights in the human form, in the spirit form, in the mineral form, in the elements of the wind and the sun and the clouds and the rain. All will come to light, and as this happens, there will be an exponentially greater understanding of the nature of the reality of the Earth. Questions will come: What is this stone, this person, the wind, the nature of molecular structures, the essence beyond the physical?

Scientists will soon wake up and the questions that they have had in their minds for decades will be answered.  People who are searching for healing of their emotional wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes will also wake up one morning and those wounds will be gone. Those who are seeking knowledge about the cosmos, they, too, will wake up and find the knowledge is there.

Ask and you will receive. Open your hearts and you will be able to listen to the voices of spirit and the voices of truth.

It is now time to manifest that which you wish in life. It does not have to be grandiose or far, far beyond what you feel is comfortable for you. It is a process of gradual manifestation, such as "Yes, I wish this and there it is. Or I did not know I wanted this, but now I want it. And there it is. Maybe I want $10,000 and there it is. Maybe I want $100,000 because I need it and the $1,00,000 will be there. There will not be an excess of giant buildings or giant bank accounts or empires. It will be what you want and need. What you want and need, together as one, and no more.

This is very important for the understanding of the balance between Earth and Spirit. For so much has been out of balance on Earth, top heavy and empty at the bottom.

Now knowing what you want is an important part of this. Ask and you will receive. Ask your heart what you truly want, not what you think you want or what you have been programmed to want.

Perhaps you think that you want true love. Ask your heart if this is really what you want. True love is a very demanding and exciting path, but it is something that does not come without courage, trust, faith and the willingness to step forward and risk. The rewards are great, but so are the challenges. Listen to your hearts.

This awakening is taking place right now. It is about taking another step and we will all share in this step. We all have equal opportunity to manifest what we want, what we want to do and with whom we want to share what we receive!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let go, Release Fear, Trust in Divine Wisdom

This month we are going through yet another major shift, propelling us into the chasms of our own selves to purify and open channels to realizing our own divinity, in whatever form or language fits for us.

On the physical level of the Earth, intense weather patterns are increasing, fueled by the fire of the Sun and the outlying planetary forces. Within the core of the Earth there are shifts taking place to adjust to the changing energetic forces in our planet's cosmic environment.

On the personal level this fiery energy will burn away obstacles to realizing and expressing truth. We may wake up one morning and realize we have been denying a truth because it has been until now too painful to consider that it is true. We will have the strength now to explore and perhaps even to accept this new realization.

Telepathic communication in the waking and sleeping states may surprise and, hopefully, delight us. This whole new world awaits our exploration!

Dormant super vortexes in the Earth's energy field are awakening and new ones are forming as the plates under the surface move to balance the incoming energetic forces.

As a result of the increase of the fire element on Earth, we will all be called to seek the still point inside to enable us to flow smoothly with the shifts and changes in our lives. Remember that this is in Divine Order and good will come of it. Just let go, release fear, trust in Divine Wisdom. It sounds easy but it is not for most of us! Remember, too, we are all in this together.

In peace and love,