Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Exploration of 10 Spiritual Laws .......


This is an excerpt from Carolyn Cobelo's new book, Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe.   You do not have to plan a trip to Europe to benefit.  In this book, as you absorb the high vibrational photographs and channeled spiritual messages, you'll learn about your deepest connection to both the Earth and the cosmos.  


from the Ogham Stones in Dingle, Ireland 
Channeled by Carolyn Cobelo 

1. The Law of One:
There is only One, and when you think there is other than only One, there is darkness. When the perception is that all is One, there is no fear, no alienation, no ostracism, no pain. All is One. When there is the perception that there is me and there is you, or there is this and there is that, then the fear of separation raises its pernicious head, tearing apart the knowledge of the Oneness. By being in the physical world, there is always some degree of separation, but it need not be in fear. The darkness can be the fertile soil of creativity from which love grows and blooms in the light of the knowledge of the Oneness.

2. The Law of Cosmic Union:
In the beginning there is One. Within this One there are two, such as the union of man and woman. You can open your eyes and see One or you can open your eyes and see two. It is the same. It is a matter of perception.

3. The Law of Creation:
In the One that is two there is a change that comes forth from creation. For when the two come together and create One, the One is different from the two and in some way different from all else. It is the process of creation and evolution, and the force behind this process is love.

4. The Law of Divine Right:
Each being, animate and inanimate, has the divine right to be in divine union. Those who oppose this right will bring destruction upon themselves. The possession, the distortion, the contamination of this force of divine union, which cannot be subjugated, will bring retribution. When there is magnification, celebration, freedom, and honoring of the divine right of all beings to be with God, there is magnification of the soul, magnification of love, and the capacity to be in cosmic union.

5. The Law of Love:
Love is within and there is a strong desire within each heart, even in the animals, the flowers, the bees, and the birds, for love. The energies of love are the vibrations of God. When you seek love, you are opening more and more to the presence of God. In your faith, each step along the way brings a deepening of the reality of love within. This love takes you directly, without will, into the arms of God. So in this state of love there is no separation between you and God. Love is always present.
Many wars are fought for love. In war many pray for love to be with them. Many also pray for love not to be with others. This creates a force field of retaliation, for when you wish love not to be with someone or something, there is an immediate and direct action of retaliation to you as a result of this wish.
When we intend to unite in love, the message of union comes back to us, creating a cycle of union that is beautiful to behold. Purple, white, and blue light shimmers around the two in love. As more and more love flows between them it becomes brighter and nourishes their cells.

6. The Law of Giving:
To give is to receive. The giving is in the receiving and the receiving is in the giving. There is no beginning and no end. It is a cycle, giving and receiving in continual motion.

7. The Law of Truth:
This is the law of the universal God. Truth is truth, and yet there is relative truth and the absolute truth that all is One. This is the law of union, the law of One. The truth will set you free. Truth is the road you travel to reach the goal of freedom-freedom to belong, freedom to be in love with God, freedom to be in love with all the beauty, joy, sexuality, and presence of God that you desire. Truth frees love. When there is more truth there is more love. When truth is withheld, hidden from view, so too is the love. When there is mass denial of the truth, the distortion, the twisting, the manipulation of the truth, so also will there be the denial, twisting, and manipulation of love.

8. The Law of Joy:
Joy is union with the divine. Joy lies in the substance of the soul, waiting to be known, felt, and heard. Joy is the song of our hearts, the light of our eyes, and the pleasure of our bodies when we are in loving union with another. Joy is union with God.
There are veils which disguise joy to protect us, for in the pure state of joy, in union with all that is, there is the loss of the sense of individual self. If we identify only with our bodies, we will lose our identity. The little self believes that joy is dangerous, that to lose one's self is to be lost in the sea of emptiness, aloneness and darkness. So the little self sails over the sea, holding tight to the sides of the boat, wondering, watching, and asking, Where is the light? Where is my destination? It does not realize that its destination is the sea on which it is sailing, the sea of joy, of ecstasy, of complete love, the very sea in which it fears it will drown.

9. The Law of Faith:
You are faithful to that which you love. When you do not love something, you are not faithful. Love in its true form is the presence of warmth and joy. Love is a complicated and often misused word for energies of possession, attachment, distortion and protection. Until it is purified, love is often mixed with these other conditions. As you purify your love, your faith increases-faith in God, in another, in yourself.
As you grow in love you have more and more moments of faith. As these moments increase, your love expands and purifies. Love is truth, and the truth sets you free. As you are freeing yourself, the love becomes purer and purer, like the beautiful mountain water. Then you are free to love more deeply, more profoundly, more beautifully. When you live in faith you walk with the mantle of God and love is always with you. To have true faith in God you must have true faith in you, for God is you, and you are God.

10. The Law of Reunion:
When our consciousness moves into duality, it activates desire, longing, and the sensation of being without something. We fall into separation from the whole. This is the fall from Paradise. The return to Paradise is the union of two souls in love and cosmic union. Within the seed of the union of two there is the elixir of love. This elixir is the dissolution of all experience of self into One. When you join with another in this way there is an extension beyond the self, an augmentation beyond the individual union with God to the triad, the trinity. Therefore, one becomes two that becomes three, and the three become one, and Paradise explodes on the Earth.  


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