Thursday, May 14, 2015


                                        THE BOOK THAT CHANGED HER LIFE
“That book? You sleep with it…and go to the beach with it! It changed your life?” Annabelle, my hairdresser, told me that this is what her husband said to her about a book I gave her last month. Annabelle is a non-church-going Catholic, as are many people here in Portugal. Two months ago she told me that two weeks of medical tests revealed that she had the potential of becoming quite ill. Today she told me she was feeling much better, and sleeping through the night for the first time in years. The book (signed) I gave her was, “The Spring of Hope, Messages from Mary”.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


                    MT HALEAKALA GRANDFATHER SPIRIT      MAY 6, 2015

While I was living in Maui, Hawaii I connected to the Mt. Haleakala Grandfather Spirit.

When I channel Grandfather’s messages I speak in a very deep voice, distinctly different from Mother Mary’s voice. His energy lies deep in the center of my heart chakra. I realized today that I could continue to channel his messages, even when I was in Portugal.

This realization was similar to the time when I understood that I could help my mother in her crossing to the Other Side, when I was in Luang Prabang, Laos, and she was in Peterborough, New Hampshire USA.

                                          GRANDFATHER’S MESSAGE

It is important that you listen now.

The Earth is opening it’s arms at this time, expanding its roots and its branches. More veins of hot blood (lava) are moving out into the world from its core center. It is so that the energies of the Earth will stay balanced with the strengthening of the connection of Hestia (Earth’s inner fire) with the star Arcturus and the constellation of Orion. This flow will grow stronger in the days and months ahead.

I welcome you and all others who walk with love in their hearts and the blue light of  truth in their eyes.


Friday, May 1, 2015

                                MEGALITHIC ACTIVATION & NUCLEAR WAR
                         CONTINUED FROM EVORA, PORTUGAL APRING 21, 2015

I have been channeling spirits of the Earth (as well as Mother Mary) at sacred places around the world for over fifteen years. I shared some of these messages in my books (, but most I kept to myself. Because of recent events (Earthquake in Nepal and volcanic eruption in Chile) I feel it is time to openly share the current messages I am receiving. I bring you these not to create fear, but with the hope that this information will heighten awareness and help us to prepare for what could come.

                                                         THE MESSAGE

What is the purpose of the stream of energy that is being created by the activation of the megalithic stones all over the world?

It is to hold the Earth' energy in place when the atomic bobs explode and the comets hit the Earth.

When will this happen?

It will happen in another two years and will continue for another five years and on into ten years.

Will the terrorists be a part of this?

Yes, because of their disruption and diminishment of spirit and Earth’s life and human life, which is a distortion of the energy of spiritual love.

Is this part of Earth’s destiny?

Yes, it is a healing crisis for the Earth and its inhabitants, so the future of the Earth must change for life on Earth to survive.

What is the effect of the different qualities of the stones?

They are first male and female and second electric and magnetic. By balancing the male and female, electric and magnetic, the energetic change (due to the explosions of the bombs and the comets) is softened and flattened. The volcanic ley lines activate and accentuate both energies (active and receptive).

What will activate the megalithic force of energy?

The energy of the volcanoes will suddenly intensify  and this will trigger an  imbalance in the megalithic stones all over the world, activating a stronger electrical energy, which will affect all means of communication, transportation, hydro-electricity.

Is this now?


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The increase in global volcanic activity is activating megalithic monuments around the world. A mysterious global culture that lived 4,000 to 6,000 years ago apparently spent tremendous time and energy creating these monuments..  Are we about to discover what their real purpose is here on Earth?

Dolmens, huge slabs of stones forming a rectangular box, and menhirs, tall “phallic” standing stones, are the primary forms that these stones take. Many appear to have been roughly carved into their shapes and placed intentionally in different patterns and alignments.

To date, scientists do not know who created these monuments or why they are here. They have discovered that many of the stones originate from different places hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles away from their present locations. How they were transported so many years ago remains a mystery.

Skeletons have been found under the dolmens, suggesting they were places these mysterious people brought their dead or dying to facilitate their crossing into the Afterlife. I have seen scenes of these burials in meditation and I speak about this in my book, “Bridge to Beyond: True Stores of an Afterlife Midwife”’.

Most researchers believe that the purpose of the menhirs was to be fertility energizers, like the Maypole in the Celtic culture, that people danced around during fertility festivals,. While meditating at a stone monument in England many years ago I had a vision of this wild and beautiful ceremony and then I saw invading patriarchal priests come into the circle and kill the dancers. I believe this happened to enable these priests to control the sexual expression of these people.

Could these stones have a message for us? Could they have a significant purpose in our lives now?

Although this may sound like a science fiction story, here is a message I received at the Cromlech Almendes monument near Evora, Portugal on April 21, 2015.

“These stones point to the star Arcturus and the stars of the Pleiades  with the intention to create a stream of electro-magnetic energy to allow for travel on the waves of this energy  and to enable telepathic communication. For some this was like a cable car transport with direct travel, but for most  it only created a communications network.

These stones are like sleeping giants, waiting for the call to awake. They each carry a different vibrational force that together creates an incredibly powerful stream of energy., far more powerful hat the energy of your atomic bomb.”


Saturday, April 25, 2015

                                     VOLCANOES AND THE INQUISITION
The good news is that five members of my family survived the Katmandu earthquake today April 25, 2015) with no personal damage. I hope and pray that this good fortune will continue for them through the aftermath of the quake.

This event triggered my awareness of the close connection I feel with volcanoes and the spirit messages from them that I have channeled over many years.

The basic wisdom that the volcanoes are offering us centers around the positive purpose of the increase of seismic activity. The Earth’s core is shifting in response to interplanetary and interstellar changes, creating an expansion of the flow of core magma. As this magma rises to the surface, it erupts in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes.

The question is how will these eruptions help us in the future. The answer they give us is that there is a real potential of a polar shift, which cause major devastation
around the world. These upcoming eruptions will “blow off steam” that will enable the Earth to stay in balance as it moves forward in its evolution.

Eruptions will also take place within us, triggering the healing release of fear, pain and grief.  The desire for personal and cultural freedom will continue to blossom, transforming repression, aggression and greed into the deep longing for peace and harmony.

An recent personal example of this energetic transformation was when I was visiting Evora, Portugal, former seat of the headquarters of Inquisition and a major site for religious wars fought over thousands of years.

For reasons then unknown to me, when I first arrived in Evora I was easily angered, agitated, critical and defensive. I thought that maybe sun flares or my astrology was creating this irritation, but it began to feel as if I was being energetically poisoned.  I suddenly realized that I was feeling a very hostile, masculine spiritual force around me.  Within an hour I was channeling about this in the Church of John, the Evangelist.

The spirit message in the church was that this energy was the remainder of the energy of the Inquisition, which tried (unsuccessfully) to suppress the feminine  by conducting witch hunts, burnings at the stake and other forms of  torture and murder in this city.

The spirits continued to say that feminine (in both men and women) is rising, bringing support for freedom, justice and the expression of love. A reservoir of this feminine force lies dormant under the Roman Temple of Diana, beginning to transform the violent negative energy that still exists in Evora.

After I channeled this message, a heavy blanket of negativity dissolved around and inside me. I felt light, happy and relaxed. I am hoping that other people in Evora  and elsewhere experienced this transformation at the same time.