Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Lesson about Sharing Your Truth.

What is the value of the truth?

The cells in the body align with the truth. When the truth is distorted, the cells are distorted.

When you tell the truth and share your own truth, the cells are happy, and they sing and dance. When you deny the truth, the cells hang their heads in shame and slow in functioning and in light, causing illness.

Now it time to know the truth and to be seen knowing the truth.

First, be honest with yourself. Then extend this honesty to knowing the truth about others and your relationships with them. Move out to allowing yourself to know the truth about your community, your greater world, your planet. Sit quietly and ask, what is the truth? Listen to your heart speak the truth and your physical cells will vibrate with happiness and joy.

The next step is to ask yourself how you want to act in accordance to the truth. You can choose your actions. Take a deep breath and look slowly at the options that come to you, listening carefully to each step within the steps that are in truth.

The primary cause of illness is untruth. You do not act in truth because you are fearful that the reaction will be negative, dangerous, even deadly.   The deepest suffering and dysfunction comes when truth is not in the personal relationships, both with self and others.  Therefore, as you step slowly into truth, your body will heal as the cells vibrate joyfully and brightly.  If you take very small steps in truth, you will heal this fear and walk tall and gracefully in truth wherever you go.

Look back into your life and find the moment you decided not to live in truth in each aspect of your life. Remember every detail of this moment and then release this memory to the wind. Breath light into your cells as they breathe out the constriction that this decision has created.

Secrets will die and be reborn as truth. You will live in freedom and honor for that which you hold as the greatest gift, the gift of love and the gift of life!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Flame of Mother Love.

Here is a message that I recently channeled from a temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess, Durga, in Bali.

(You can learn more about Bali by joining us for the Akasha Soul Celebration event in Bali on Dec 20-23, 2012).


In the process of mothering, the flame of life grows strongly. It can expand way out into the cosmos and deep down into the recesses of our hearts. As the flame of life goes out, it activates all of our cells. This energetic force is a way to manifest creativity. For we are essentially creation and the Mother energy creates a bed of creativity.

When Mother is dishonored and out of balance, this disturbs our ability to create fertility. When Mother is peaceful, quiet, in balance, she gives forth trust and security, which enables us to give space in our lives for creative energy to develop in a multitude of forms. Human fertility can be facilitated by the mother-to-be being in a state and a place of quiet, peace and creativity.

We are now moving into a creative wave upon the Earth. This movement will bring us more and more into love and trust, as we pass through the world initiation that is going on now. Mother energy supports this passage into creativity and love.

Sometimes Mother energy must defend and fight against demons and those who wish to destroy. She needs to take care of what she created. She is doing this now upon the Earth.

This process is very important for the world initiation that is taking place at this time. Our world needs to be cleansed in many ways, because we sometimes have forgotten the value of Mother energy.  Mother is now transforming the darkness, the place of the absence of light, into a place that shines with love and light.

Love and Blessings,