Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The increase in global volcanic activity is activating megalithic monuments around the world. A mysterious global culture that lived 4,000 to 6,000 years ago apparently spent tremendous time and energy creating these monuments..  Are we about to discover what their real purpose is here on Earth?

Dolmens, huge slabs of stones forming a rectangular box, and menhirs, tall “phallic” standing stones, are the primary forms that these stones take. Many appear to have been roughly carved into their shapes and placed intentionally in different patterns and alignments.

To date, scientists do not know who created these monuments or why they are here. They have discovered that many of the stones originate from different places hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles away from their present locations. How they were transported so many years ago remains a mystery.

Skeletons have been found under the dolmens, suggesting they were places these mysterious people brought their dead or dying to facilitate their crossing into the Afterlife. I have seen scenes of these burials in meditation and I speak about this in my book, “Bridge to Beyond: True Stores of an Afterlife Midwife”’.

Most researchers believe that the purpose of the menhirs was to be fertility energizers, like the Maypole in the Celtic culture, that people danced around during fertility festivals,. While meditating at a stone monument in England many years ago I had a vision of this wild and beautiful ceremony and then I saw invading patriarchal priests come into the circle and kill the dancers. I believe this happened to enable these priests to control the sexual expression of these people.

Could these stones have a message for us? Could they have a significant purpose in our lives now?

Although this may sound like a science fiction story, here is a message I received at the Cromlech Almendes monument near Evora, Portugal on April 21, 2015.

“These stones point to the star Arcturus and the stars of the Pleiades  with the intention to create a stream of electro-magnetic energy to allow for travel on the waves of this energy  and to enable telepathic communication. For some this was like a cable car transport with direct travel, but for most  it only created a communications network.

These stones are like sleeping giants, waiting for the call to awake. They each carry a different vibrational force that together creates an incredibly powerful stream of energy., far more powerful hat the energy of your atomic bomb.”


Saturday, April 25, 2015

                                     VOLCANOES AND THE INQUISITION
The good news is that five members of my family survived the Katmandu earthquake today April 25, 2015) with no personal damage. I hope and pray that this good fortune will continue for them through the aftermath of the quake.

This event triggered my awareness of the close connection I feel with volcanoes and the spirit messages from them that I have channeled over many years.

The basic wisdom that the volcanoes are offering us centers around the positive purpose of the increase of seismic activity. The Earth’s core is shifting in response to interplanetary and interstellar changes, creating an expansion of the flow of core magma. As this magma rises to the surface, it erupts in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes.

The question is how will these eruptions help us in the future. The answer they give us is that there is a real potential of a polar shift, which cause major devastation
around the world. These upcoming eruptions will “blow off steam” that will enable the Earth to stay in balance as it moves forward in its evolution.

Eruptions will also take place within us, triggering the healing release of fear, pain and grief.  The desire for personal and cultural freedom will continue to blossom, transforming repression, aggression and greed into the deep longing for peace and harmony.

An recent personal example of this energetic transformation was when I was visiting Evora, Portugal, former seat of the headquarters of Inquisition and a major site for religious wars fought over thousands of years.

For reasons then unknown to me, when I first arrived in Evora I was easily angered, agitated, critical and defensive. I thought that maybe sun flares or my astrology was creating this irritation, but it began to feel as if I was being energetically poisoned.  I suddenly realized that I was feeling a very hostile, masculine spiritual force around me.  Within an hour I was channeling about this in the Church of John, the Evangelist.

The spirit message in the church was that this energy was the remainder of the energy of the Inquisition, which tried (unsuccessfully) to suppress the feminine  by conducting witch hunts, burnings at the stake and other forms of  torture and murder in this city.

The spirits continued to say that feminine (in both men and women) is rising, bringing support for freedom, justice and the expression of love. A reservoir of this feminine force lies dormant under the Roman Temple of Diana, beginning to transform the violent negative energy that still exists in Evora.

After I channeled this message, a heavy blanket of negativity dissolved around and inside me. I felt light, happy and relaxed. I am hoping that other people in Evora  and elsewhere experienced this transformation at the same time.


                                                GOING INTO THE DEPTHS
I am Carolyn Ewing Cobelo, born Carolyn Ewing, daughter of James Ewing and Ruth Ewing.  I write about sharing my parents’ afterlife soul journeys in my new book, “Bridge to Beyond: True Stories of an Afterlife Midwife.

Text Box: My mother was an atheist and my father agnostic at best. They viewed my personal spiritual journey and my career, which has been centered around bringing universal spirituality into the third (physical) dimension, with polite skepticism and a bit of humor. It was only after they died that they gained full respect and knowledge of my spiritual abilities.
I have often wondered how I could have developed such powerful healing and telepathic abilities as a member of my family. A clue could be in the consciousness of my grandparents. My maternal grandparents both earned PHD’s from Harvard in the Philosophy of Science., studying with William James, one of the most progressive thinkers of their time. My paternal grandmother had a Hindu guru in India, whom she visited numerous times over her lifetime. My paternal grandfather was a high-ranking Democratic politician, who, while he was Administrator of Social Security in President Truman’s cabinet, introduced national health insurance for the first time. Both families can trace their ancestry in the US back to before the American Revolution. So you can see that progressive thinking, spiritual independence and the belief in truth and freedom of thought flows in my blood.

Everything I teach and write about comes from my own personal and professional experience. I have gained this experience in healing my own emotional wounds and working with others as a therapist, healer, channel and teacher.

I began my career as a Gestalt therapist, guiding people into the darkness of their own unconscious to find the light of truth. My spiritual path began with receiving the amazing awakening, known as “Shaktipat” (initiation), from Swami Muktananda, who later became a world-famous guru. My curious skepticism was the carrot that kept me moving along the path to discover the truth. I began to channel Zarathustra, founder of the Zoroastrian religion, and later Mary, Mother of Jesus. They came first to help me heal myself and eventually I shared their messages with many people all over the world in the form of lectures, books and films.

Once a teacher told me, “You can only heal someone to the depth that you have gone yourself.” In my own life I have faced a number of personal challenges, including loss of my former husband and loss of an unborn child, car accidents, divorce, intellectual property theft and many other forms of loss and betrayal. I have always risen from the ashes, stronger, wiser and more vulnerable, opening again and again to spirit for comfort and guidance. It has always been there, which each time has given me more faith and trust in myself and in the Divine.

EARTH CHANGES AND THE AFTERLIFE JOURNEY and are my new frontiers, going deep into the wisdom of the volcanoes and high into the afterlife mysteries. I am very excited about exploring these realms and passing on what I learn to you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015                               CHAPEL OF BONES

Bones of over five thousand people, arranged in geometric patterns, form The Chapel of the Bones in the Church of San Francis in Evora, Portugal.

Thousands of skulls, arm and leg bones sit quietly in order, forming the walls of this morbid chapel. A white stone altar sits quietly at the far end, offering a space to pray and forgive.

I was there yesterday.

A faint feeling of nausea stirred in my stomach. I recognized this sensation as a sign that there was spiritual disturbance held in this space. From the physical point of view this was only a massive collection of human bones, but from a spiritual view this was a major violation of human spirit.

The story goes that monks of a local monastery wanted more land for their community, so they dug up the graves of the local townspeople in the nearby cemeteries. They collected the bones and created a chapel to remind the world of the transience and impermanence of life.

Anger surged up inside me, as I surveyed the thousands of bones around me. I wondered where the souls were who had inhabited the bodies of these people. I realized at that moment that the souls were still there, trapped in the chapel with their bones. The nausea in my stomach was a response to their agony and pain. I thought, “Maybe I can do something about this”.

I closed my eyes and asked Mary for help. I felt her open her arms and heart to these souls.

Suddenly, a giant door with brass or gold fittings opened in my vision and the souls flew up to her, like a flock of birds. The force of the flow of the souls was so strong that nothing could stop it. In a few minutes the surge slowed and door began to close. After it shut softly and completely, I opened my eyes. The nausea was gone.

A wave of gratitude flowed through me. I was so glad that those five thousand souls were now with Mary, free at last from their spiritual imprisonment. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Essence of Gold

This is an excerpt from the chapter "Gold" from my book, "The Spring of Hope: Messages from Mary. This is a book of messages for the future with Mary, Mother of Jesus, whom I have channeled for over fifteen years.,  www.

"There is a movement now upon the Earth that requires rebalancing. The places of need are so large and the consciousness of the planet is becoming so strong that resources are pouring into those places of need. ...It is important to understand that an entire reassessment and realignment of resources is now taking place upon the Earth.

There will be tremendous resistance to this. There will be wars fought over this, but remember that it is a balancing of resources. It is not a taking away or a giving. It is a balancing, a sharing. it is like water flowing to where it is most needed.

Gold is a symbol of the Golden Sun, the Son of God, The Great Central Sun, God, the Lord. As you allow gold to flow, you will find that the flow will bring you  increasing joy and peace. For you will know that you are guided in the expression of the flow...For yourselves, first and foremost, for the dear, beloved selves that you are, for the divine being that you are, let the gold be a joyful expression of you. Let yourselves shine ib golden light. Let gold flow through your veins, healing and lightening you, to bring forth the essence of your truth and your love. Let it flow for and with you." p. 24-25