Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Respecting and Honoring the Full Moon.....


This is a message I received last night during the Full Moon.

I was standing alone in the kitchen in our house in Hawaii with the Full Moon shining directly on me .I prayed to the Moon to help us resolve a potential social conflict that was brewing around us. I felt the moon respond and send energy toward me.

Blue light flowed through me, encompassing the land around us. It flowed around and through my image, related to the social conflict, of two fighting men, dressed in feathers and armor, from another lifetime. The blue expanded outward over all of Maui, beginning in the north and east side of Maui, and then out over all of the islands of Hawaii.

I heard a voice say: "I am with you and I have always been with you. I will be with you now and forever."

I asked, "Who are you?"

"I am the land and the sea and the tress and the flowers."

I felt an intense, physical sensation of love flow through me.

I asked,"You feel like a lover. Are you the spirit of my husband, Thor?"

"I am that which flows through your husband and beyond."

I asked, "Are you a spirit?"

"No, not in that form."

I asked, "Then who are you?"

"I am the land and the sea and the trees and the plants and the animals. I hear you from your deepest place."

I asked, "What is it that you hear?"

I felt myself dropping into an endless shaft of energy, fertile, dark light, with no walls or floor or ceiling, just space. Down, down, down, I fell, fast, full of heart, letting go to love. I realized I was in training for something unknown to me.

I asked, "Are you the spirit that is called God?"

"No, I am beyond that which you think of as a God.

I am what is."

Love, Carolyn

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Message from the top of Mount Haleakala

In preparation for our January Akasha Soul Celebration, here is a message from the top of Mount Haleakala on the first day of 2012.

This place welcomes all who come with open hearts and loving eyes. During this year and beyond, the fire in this volcano and all volcanoes around the world will further ignite and expand the interconnections between all living and non-living beings, including humans, plants, minerals, celestial beings, and animals. 

The magnificent presence of iron in the volcano carries the vibration of love. As an element it offers continuity, stability, truth. It never disappears, continuing to maintain its purity in transformation. It will be an essential factor in the temples we will build.

Iron is a magnificent energizer of the heart chakra. It allows for the expansion of the whole chakra system through the heart chakra. The reason for the increase of hearts rates among many sensitive souls is that this magnetic energy is increasing.

This year, will bring energies of magnificent change, from changes on the Earth's surface to home styles to utilization of our connection to the Sun to exploration of the depths of the ocean to long, long, long journeys into space to increased recognition of fellow brothers and sisters who surround and live within who live within and around the Earth. The Earth's energy will magnify the force of these changes, as its fire intensifies in relation to other cosmic bodies and its own evolution.

Let us go forward in trust in the continuity of evolution as our hearts expand to adapt to this intensity of love.

Happy New Year!