Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creating the Future

My Dear Beloveds,
We welcome you to our midst. We are delighted to speak to you concerning the future, as you call it. The future that you refer to is the now that encompasses all. So, although we speak of the future we are in truth speaking of the now in which we all exist. For this reason, we can change what you call the future ib the present moment.

You may ask, how can we change the future? It is by being in the present and imagining with no fear or expectation the future that you desire. You then exist in the now with no thought that interferes with the current flow of creation on the 3D level of existence. As you purify and cleanse your aura of all past experience, you open the way to be more and more in the present.

In entering the flow of the now, you merge with your guides and angels and together you can create a golden pathway of light that brings you all the glory of your true potential.In this way you can create the future that you wish with your own heart and mind.