Wednesday, May 6, 2015


                    MT HALEAKALA GRANDFATHER SPIRIT      MAY 6, 2015

While I was living in Maui, Hawaii I connected to the Mt. Haleakala Grandfather Spirit.

When I channel Grandfather’s messages I speak in a very deep voice, distinctly different from Mother Mary’s voice. His energy lies deep in the center of my heart chakra. I realized today that I could continue to channel his messages, even when I was in Portugal.

This realization was similar to the time when I understood that I could help my mother in her crossing to the Other Side, when I was in Luang Prabang, Laos, and she was in Peterborough, New Hampshire USA.

                                          GRANDFATHER’S MESSAGE

It is important that you listen now.

The Earth is opening it’s arms at this time, expanding its roots and its branches. More veins of hot blood (lava) are moving out into the world from its core center. It is so that the energies of the Earth will stay balanced with the strengthening of the connection of Hestia (Earth’s inner fire) with the star Arcturus and the constellation of Orion. This flow will grow stronger in the days and months ahead.

I welcome you and all others who walk with love in their hearts and the blue light of  truth in their eyes.


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