Friday, May 1, 2015

                                MEGALITHIC ACTIVATION & NUCLEAR WAR
                         CONTINUED FROM EVORA, PORTUGAL APRING 21, 2015

I have been channeling spirits of the Earth (as well as Mother Mary) at sacred places around the world for over fifteen years. I shared some of these messages in my books (, but most I kept to myself. Because of recent events (Earthquake in Nepal and volcanic eruption in Chile) I feel it is time to openly share the current messages I am receiving. I bring you these not to create fear, but with the hope that this information will heighten awareness and help us to prepare for what could come.

                                                         THE MESSAGE

What is the purpose of the stream of energy that is being created by the activation of the megalithic stones all over the world?

It is to hold the Earth' energy in place when the atomic bobs explode and the comets hit the Earth.

When will this happen?

It will happen in another two years and will continue for another five years and on into ten years.

Will the terrorists be a part of this?

Yes, because of their disruption and diminishment of spirit and Earth’s life and human life, which is a distortion of the energy of spiritual love.

Is this part of Earth’s destiny?

Yes, it is a healing crisis for the Earth and its inhabitants, so the future of the Earth must change for life on Earth to survive.

What is the effect of the different qualities of the stones?

They are first male and female and second electric and magnetic. By balancing the male and female, electric and magnetic, the energetic change (due to the explosions of the bombs and the comets) is softened and flattened. The volcanic ley lines activate and accentuate both energies (active and receptive).

What will activate the megalithic force of energy?

The energy of the volcanoes will suddenly intensify  and this will trigger an  imbalance in the megalithic stones all over the world, activating a stronger electrical energy, which will affect all means of communication, transportation, hydro-electricity.

Is this now?


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