Saturday, April 25, 2015

                                     VOLCANOES AND THE INQUISITION
The good news is that five members of my family survived the Katmandu earthquake today April 25, 2015) with no personal damage. I hope and pray that this good fortune will continue for them through the aftermath of the quake.

This event triggered my awareness of the close connection I feel with volcanoes and the spirit messages from them that I have channeled over many years.

The basic wisdom that the volcanoes are offering us centers around the positive purpose of the increase of seismic activity. The Earth’s core is shifting in response to interplanetary and interstellar changes, creating an expansion of the flow of core magma. As this magma rises to the surface, it erupts in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes.

The question is how will these eruptions help us in the future. The answer they give us is that there is a real potential of a polar shift, which cause major devastation
around the world. These upcoming eruptions will “blow off steam” that will enable the Earth to stay in balance as it moves forward in its evolution.

Eruptions will also take place within us, triggering the healing release of fear, pain and grief.  The desire for personal and cultural freedom will continue to blossom, transforming repression, aggression and greed into the deep longing for peace and harmony.

An recent personal example of this energetic transformation was when I was visiting Evora, Portugal, former seat of the headquarters of Inquisition and a major site for religious wars fought over thousands of years.

For reasons then unknown to me, when I first arrived in Evora I was easily angered, agitated, critical and defensive. I thought that maybe sun flares or my astrology was creating this irritation, but it began to feel as if I was being energetically poisoned.  I suddenly realized that I was feeling a very hostile, masculine spiritual force around me.  Within an hour I was channeling about this in the Church of John, the Evangelist.

The spirit message in the church was that this energy was the remainder of the energy of the Inquisition, which tried (unsuccessfully) to suppress the feminine  by conducting witch hunts, burnings at the stake and other forms of  torture and murder in this city.

The spirits continued to say that feminine (in both men and women) is rising, bringing support for freedom, justice and the expression of love. A reservoir of this feminine force lies dormant under the Roman Temple of Diana, beginning to transform the violent negative energy that still exists in Evora.

After I channeled this message, a heavy blanket of negativity dissolved around and inside me. I felt light, happy and relaxed. I am hoping that other people in Evora  and elsewhere experienced this transformation at the same time.

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