Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The increase in global volcanic activity is activating megalithic monuments around the world. A mysterious global culture that lived 4,000 to 6,000 years ago apparently spent tremendous time and energy creating these monuments..  Are we about to discover what their real purpose is here on Earth?

Dolmens, huge slabs of stones forming a rectangular box, and menhirs, tall “phallic” standing stones, are the primary forms that these stones take. Many appear to have been roughly carved into their shapes and placed intentionally in different patterns and alignments.

To date, scientists do not know who created these monuments or why they are here. They have discovered that many of the stones originate from different places hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of miles away from their present locations. How they were transported so many years ago remains a mystery.

Skeletons have been found under the dolmens, suggesting they were places these mysterious people brought their dead or dying to facilitate their crossing into the Afterlife. I have seen scenes of these burials in meditation and I speak about this in my book, “Bridge to Beyond: True Stores of an Afterlife Midwife”’.

Most researchers believe that the purpose of the menhirs was to be fertility energizers, like the Maypole in the Celtic culture, that people danced around during fertility festivals,. While meditating at a stone monument in England many years ago I had a vision of this wild and beautiful ceremony and then I saw invading patriarchal priests come into the circle and kill the dancers. I believe this happened to enable these priests to control the sexual expression of these people.

Could these stones have a message for us? Could they have a significant purpose in our lives now?

Although this may sound like a science fiction story, here is a message I received at the Cromlech Almendes monument near Evora, Portugal on April 21, 2015.

“These stones point to the star Arcturus and the stars of the Pleiades  with the intention to create a stream of electro-magnetic energy to allow for travel on the waves of this energy  and to enable telepathic communication. For some this was like a cable car transport with direct travel, but for most  it only created a communications network.

These stones are like sleeping giants, waiting for the call to awake. They each carry a different vibrational force that together creates an incredibly powerful stream of energy., far more powerful hat the energy of your atomic bomb.”


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